How do I change my password?

After you first sign up, in order to change the password, you will have to click on the top right of the screen.

(click to enlarge) Click on the top right of the screen to edit your profile and change your password.

There is a bar at the top of the site with "Howdy <yourname>". Click on the Howdy then on Edit My Profile, you will be able to enter a new password.

Why is the execution of my selections slow?

That is because you are running Internet Explorer. IE has a problem interpreting Javascript code in an efficient manner. Execution on FireFox and Chrome is instantaneous when you click a check-box or select a profile from the drop down menu.

Using FireFox or Chrome is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED until we find a way around IE's inefficiencies.

If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact us .